The Problem is;


We have been talking to Analysts on LinkedIn about their role within organisations, and realised there are a few common statements that come up time and time again. Do any of the cases below match your experience?

Please tick each statement you agree with.


1. My role is seen as "just the person in the middle" / "Users want to deal directly with the Developers".


2. Getting the Developers to understand and deliver Requirements is more difficult than eliciting them in the first place.


3. Key decision makers don't listen once a course of action is instructed, even when projects are predictably doomed.


4. Requirements I agreed with users are technically undeliverable. I need more technical knowledge


5. I need to understand the big picture, to bring business benefits but this is contrary to the "Agile" development methodology.


6. I am not often able to achieve the successful outcomes I hypothesised, due to inadequate authority and / or time.


If you have any other opinions you'd like to share about your role, please enter them below: